Mugie Wildlife Conservancy

Laikipia Predator Project

Mugie is one of the core study areas for the Laikipia Predator Project, a research study aimed at improving the conservation of large carnivores throughout Africa. Across most of Africa, people have eradicated predators such as lions, wild dogs and hyenas, largely because these animals are a threat to livestock. With human densities rising, even predators living inside national parks are threatened as reserve border areas are developed. Laikipia District is one of the few areas where people, livestock and predators attempt to co-exist.

Collared lioness and cubsThe Laikipia Predator Project is aimed at understanding how such co-existence is possible. By studying the threat that predators pose to people’s livelihoods and the threat that human activities pose to predators, it hopes to identify techniques for coexistence that can be applied to other parts of Africa.

So far the project has been relatively successful in conserving lions in the area. The number of lions killed has fallen dramatically from an average of 19% of the lion population to a mere 2.3%!