Activities at Mugie

Game Drives

Grevy ZebrasThe Mugie Sanctuary has a huge variety of wildlife with over 60 different species of mammal. The rare Grevy zebra resides on Mugie along with elephant, buffalo, oryx, Jacksons hartebeest, lion, leopard and cheetah amongst the many other mammal species. The Sanctuary has a variety of different birdlife with over 280 species across the open savannah, escarpments, copjes, wetlands and the open water at the dam.

Visit to the Mugie Primary School

The primary and nursery school was built and funded by the owners of Mugie for the benefit of the local community. The school is now in first position in the region for it’s exam results and currently has 220 pupils and eleven teachers. Mugie provides the children with uniforms, all educational materials and three nutritious meals a day. We can arrange a visit to the school and you can have a tour by the headmaster, meet the children and see how the school operates.

Guided bush walks

lion-hunting-zebra-2Setting out from the lodge with a guide you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of the open savannah on foot. You can learn about the different animal tracks and animal alarm calls and will be able to see the local flora and fauna at close range.


Suguta Marmar (weekly market)

This vibrant, colourful market happens every thursday where local communities trade livestock and everyday items. It also a social occasion with local traders coming together from their more remote settlements to catch up with friends.

Visit to the Mugie Bloodhouds

The bloodhounds are used to track the scent of humans to help with anti‐poaching initiatives. Talk to their handlers about their training and even put the bloodhounds to the test by heading out into the bush on foot accompanied by a ranger to see if the dogs will find you!

Play a round of golf at Mugie

Try your hand at golf by playing the nine holes on our lodge course, which is the second most northern course in Kenya. Set within a walled boundary to stop the bigger game grazing the immaculate greens this is a rare opportunity to play in the Kenyan bush.

Visit a local Pokot Village

Learn first‐hand about the customs, culture and the daily lives of the Pokot with a visit to a local village. This activity does depend on the time of year as the villagers will sometimes move with their cattle in search of favourable grazing land.

Fishing at the dam

Mugie dam holds back 1.3 billion litres of water and is a great place to try your hand with real and line. Fish from the shore, the island or from the boat whilst watching game coming to drink at the waters edge of the 156 acre lake.

Tour of the Gardens and Tree Nursary

The Mutimaiyu garden has a variety of indigenous and non‐ indigenous plants. With the help of our local botanist you can learn in more detail about the flora both here and in the tree nursery and farm vegetable and fruit gardens.

Cattle dipping

Depending on the time of the year you may have the opportunity to watch the Mugie herd of close to 800 head being dipped to protect them from ticks.

Lion tracking

Collared lioness and cubs

Seven of the lions on Mugie are collared by the Laikipia Predator Project so that important research information such as social structure, territory and feeding ecology can be evaluated. We can use the radio tracking system to try and locate the lions over their large territory.



Biplane excursion

Enjoy the allure of the early aviation days, when Karen Blixen and Denys Finch‐Hatton flew around Kenya, by flying over Mugie and Laikipia in a brand new Waco biplane. Based on the original model of the 1920’s and 30’s, the plane has room for two passengers to sit side by side for a nostalgic, once‐in‐ a‐lifetime flying experience. (Please ask about prices and availability as this is an additional extra).

Helicopter trips

Explore parts of Kenya that are more difficult to reach by road or fixed wing aircraft by flying by helicopter. Whether you would like to circle the peaks of Mount Kenya, see the waterfalls in the Aberdare forests or stop for sundowners in the Mathews Range you can do this from flying from Mutamaiyu. (Please ask about prices and availability as this is an additional extra).