Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Oloidien (meaning ‘salty water’ in Masai); a Crater Lake that was once part of the expansive Lake Naivasha, bordered by the Rift’s Mau Escarpment. The Great Rift Valley – One of the true Natural Wonders of the World – is a massive geological split, which runs right through the heart of East Africa and is home to many of the prolific wildlife species found in Kenya.


The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary was initiated by the Zwager family in 1996. The 20,000 acres of land had previously been used as a cattle farm and wheat cultivation. Now, it is home to 45 different mammals and is visited by 300 bird species (including the largest population of “Grey Crested Helmet Shrikes” in the world!). The Sanctuary is exclusive to guests of Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House and free of any other tourist vehicles.

Grevy Zebras

All profits generated by tourism to the Sanctuary are dedicated to the conservation of this area, the wildlife it supports and the sustainability of the surrounding community. The Sanctuary has, for example, utilized these profits to reintroduce several endangered species, such as Grevy Zebra, Greater Kudu and Cheetah, which are now thriving and reproducing. Other resident wildlife in abundance is Buffalo, Giraffe, Hyena, Ostrich, many species of antelope. The sighting of Leopard is almost guaranteed! All this only one hour by road away from the busy capital of Nairobi! 


Oserian, “Place of Peace” in the Maasai language is the largest flower farm of its kind in Kenya. Established in 1969 as a vegetable growing farm, Oserian commenced cut flower production in 1982. The flower growing industry in Kenya has since flourished and has developed beyond all expectations. It is currently the largest supplier to the European Union, contributing 31% of all their imports, followed by Columbia with 17% and Isreal 16%.

Clients of Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House have the opportunity to visit De Ruiter East Africa Ltd., a subsidiary company of Oserian, where they are welcomed by a show of all the new flower varieties and the intricate process from the creation of a new breed of flower to mass production is explained. The sheer expanse of the flower fields in a riot of colors and the heavenly scent will enthrall your senses, leaving you spell bound.