The Laikipia Predator Project.


Mugie is one of the core study areas of the ‘Laikipia Predator Project’, a research study aimed at improving the conservation of large carnivores throughout Africa.

Laikipia District is one of the few areas where people, livestock and predators coexist and the Laikipia Predator Project is aimed at understanding how such coexistence is possible.   By studying the threat that predators pose to people’s livelihoods, and the threat that human activities pose to predators, the aim is to identify techniques & animal husbandry management practices that can be used to reduce the drastic rate of decline in the numbers of these now endangered animals.

On Mugie radio-collars are fitted on individual lions to help locate, identify and monitor their movements. Within the Ranch, radio-collars have been deployed on various lions over the last 10 years allowing a better understanding of lion population numbers, their movements and their behaviour.  This knowledge and vital data has helped in reducing the numbers of livestock killed by lions and therefore the number of lions that might have been targeted by livestock-owners or physically relocated from the area.

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