According to the report conducted by National Geographic recently it is estimated that over 2,500 rhino horns left sub-Saharan Africa illegally between 2006 and 2010 with the numbers rising steadily over the last two years.

Whilst their passage may be through other countries 95% of all of these horns are from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

As of a few days ago we, in South Africa, have lost 245 rhino to poaching since the beginning of the year.

The countries showing decreased activity and demand for the horns are Japan, South Korea, North Korea and Yemen, whilst the demand in Vietnam and China is increasing.

The end user price of the horn has reached between US$40,000 and US$60,000 per kg.

The status of the White Rhino is near threatened presently with around 20,160 in the wild, Black Rhino’s are critically endangered with 4,880, Sumatran Rhino critically endangered with 150 to 220 and the Javan Rhino critically endangered with 30 surviving.

It will no doubt not be long before these populations in Sumatra and Java are destroyed as there are so few left and so close to the demand regions.

The Kruger National Park remains the hardest hit by poachers, having lost 147 rhinos since the beginning of this year.

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